Australian-Chinese Sports Club 2022 [JingTang] Summer Cup Football League starts registration

The 2022 [JingTang] Summer Cup Football League, hosted by the Australian Chinese Sports Federation and sponsored by Jingtang Seafood Restaurant in Burwood, Sydney, Australia, will reignite the war!

League time: Starts on September 18, 2022, ends around early December, depending on the number of teams
Venue: SEVEN HILLS Lily's Football Stadium.
9-a-side football round robin:
1) There are two levels: 35+ groups, 55+ groups.
2) 6-8 teams per level. 
3) Team registration will be accepted from now until August 15, 2022. The registration deposit is $500 (the team will be guaranteed a place after registration). Everything is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration fee is $2100 per team.
ACSC Athletic Association Account:
BSB: 032-289 Account: 686379
4) ACSC will confirm the final teams and registration numbers before August 22, 2022.
5) The team must pay the full registration fee before August 22, 2022.
Please register as soon as possible.

Registration Instructions:
1) Each team can register up to 14 players, excluding team leaders and coaches who are not participating.
2) 55+ group registration limit: players born before December 31, 1967 (one player born in 1968 can be registered)
3) Group 35+ registration limit: Players born before December 31, 1987.
4) No team is allowed to loan players from other teams.
5) If unregistered players, illegal seconded players and teams that forfeit are found during the game, the team will be given a 0:3 result penalty. In addition, there will be a fine of $100 to $500.
6) Team leaders and coaches need to wear photo IDs and Summer Cup IDs.
7) Player registration needs to be completed before September 10, 2022.

The 2022 Australian Chinese Sports Association (ACSC) online player registration link will be available at a later date.

Sponsors are divided into: title sponsor, gold, silver sponsor and gift sponsor.
Sponsored businesses and volunteers are welcome to contact our sports association directors:
Michael Deng Shanmin, Danny Cui Yifeng, Henry Liang Guanhe, Jack Zeng Mingdi, Eddie Lan Wenbin, Dennis Xu Qianxiang, Ken Yuan Yiqiang, Michael Gao Peng.

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Summer Cup Review 2020, looking forward to 2021

The 2020 Summer Cup ended successfully, and the overall rankings are as follows:


Winning Teams:


45+ Champion, ANZ ICA



45+ First Runner Up, AGM



45+ Second Runner Up, ACU



35+ Champion, Training Master



35+ First Runner Up, S.H.E People Mortgage



35+ Second Runner Up, Mars Brook United



45+Top Scorer:



35+ Top Scorer


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

45+ Top Scorer, Ken, Yat Kit Ng (Michael Deng presented)

35+ Top Scorer, TrainingMaster YunGang Cai (Michael Zhao presented)

45+ MVP, ICA, Danny Lu (YiFeng Cui presented)35+ MVP, Hillcrest, Ballamdodou Conde (YiFeng Cui presented)
45+ Best Goal Keeper, ACU, Mark Cheung (Michael Deng presented)35+ Best Goal Keeper, Training Master, XiaoLei Guan (YiFeng Cui presented)

Looking forward to the 2021 Summer Cup 2021 Summer Cup competition system, each game is divided into the first half and the second half for a total of 80 minutes. Each team, except for the first 9 players, allows no more than 6 substitute players except the team leader and coach to enter the field. All players on the field must be written in each game. In the list of 15 people in the competition table; this year adopts the unlimited substitution system; each game winner gets 3 points, draws 1 point, loses no points; accumulatively two yellow cards are suspended for one game, and red cards are suspended for at least one game (Depending on the severity of the circumstances, the referee and the organizing committee have the right to impose additional penalties) In the event of a fight, in addition to the additional suspension, the security deposit will be deducted; the abstaining team will be considered as a 0:3 loss.
In the 2021 season, we hope to have more groups to accommodate more players. All groups are based on points system. The top three teams will win trophies and medals; refer to the schedule for specific matches. The same reference order for points: goal difference, number of goals, mutual record, number of red and yellow cards. The penalty area is 11 meters from the baseline, 27 meters wide, and the penalty spot is 10 meters from the goal.
There will be more age groups in 2021, and the number of teams will be expanded. New and old teams are welcome to start forming teams and register actively. Please pay attention to the specific information.

2021 Sydney Chinese Hundreds-Players Tennis Festival


Sydney Chinese Hundred-players Tennis Festival
Match date
Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021
Competing time 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Competition venue Pennant Hills Tennis Club
Playing field Court 1-Court 12
Entry fee Participation is $20, two items are $30 (includes simple lunch and mineral water)
Entry formats Men's doubles, women's doubles, mixed doubles
Competition items Men's doubles (32 teams), women's doubles (16 teams), mixed doubles (32 teams)
Group ranking University rankings, regional rankings, club rankings
Organising team members James, Ying, Helen, Chen Peizhong, Deng Shanmin, Yang Pengyuan, Ma Li, George, Adam
Organizing bodies Chatswood Chinese Tennis Club Australia Chinese Sports Club China-Australia College Alumni Tennis Association
Sponsors Australia Hengwang Winery Group, Luzhou Laojiao [The organizer wishes all contestants a happy day of tennis]




Celebrating 2021 CNY with Aussie leading society media CulturalPulse

2021 Chinese Lunar New Year, Chairman of ACSC Mr. Michael邓善民 talked to leading community media CulturalPulse.

For Michael Deng, Chairman of Australian Chinese Sports Club, Sydney, the holiday was a very important time for the preservation of family and culture:

“As a young child it’s always exciting to meet with your grandparents and family members. These memories remain with you as you grow older. The reunion dinner is where family stories are shared and passed down generation to generation.”

Chinese New Year 2 Gift Giving

For Michael Deng, Chairman of Australian Chinese Sports Club, giving and receiving money is part of the family traditions and bonding with family:

“As a young child, it was always an honour to receive a red packet from older family members usually your grandparent’s, your parents and older relatives. It was always exciting to receive it from them and it naturally placed a value on that money. And it depends on who is giving the red packet. It could be a small amount or large amount.” 

“As you grow older you then pass that tradition onto the younger family members.” He adds.

For Michael Deng, Chairman of Australian Chinese Sports Club, Sydney, lion dancing is an importance element of the Chinese and Lunar New Year traditions:
“I usually spend time with my family and relatives but if I am in Chinatown in Sydney and see the lion dance which is always entertaining to watch then I will pass on a red packet with some money to show my appreciation and to symbolise luck and good fortune.
Lunar New Year Part 3 Food 1

For Michael Deng, Chairman of Australian Chinese Sports Club, Sydney, food is especially important when it comes to maintaining Chinese traditions:

“Traditionally, in China, seafood was quite expensive so serving this indicated the families wealth and prosperity. In modern times seafood is readily available but we have a greater variety to choose from. Mud crabs are popular, barramundi, rainbow trout and lobsters are highly valued foods on the table.”

“The younger generation prefer chicken and beef. Traditionally the Southern Chinese dishes are of the steamed variety cooked with garlic and ginger and or soya chicken with the more popular crispy chicken dishes. Roast duck is also popular.” He adds.

CulturalPulse also talked to Michael Deng earlier in the 2020 World Cup Soccer Qualifier games about the Chinese Women team. 

澳洲華人體育總會(ACSC)的鄧會長(Michael Deng)為「鏗鏘玫瑰」的表現深感自豪。「我們的女足表現非常出色,整個華人社區都為她們感到自豪。我們知道她們經歷了什麼,我們將在週四晚與澳洲女足的比賽上全力支持她們。

China women's football sydney


2019 XIAMENAIR-nib(IMAN) AUSTRALIAN CHINESE SPORTS CLUB(ACSC) Summer Cup Soccer Tournament Closing Ceremony & Awards Presentation Night

2019 XIAMENAIR-nib(IMAN) AUSTRALIAN CHINESE SPORTS CLUB(ACSC) Summer Cup Soccer Tournament Closing Ceremony & Awards Presentation Night was held at Golden Territory Seafood Restaurant at 19:00 on Dec 19th. The tournament lasted 14 weeks and 171 games were played successfully between 23 teams. It was arguably the biggest soccer event within Chinese community in Australia.

ACSC 2019 Committee Members:

主       席:Michael 邓善民
副  主  席:Danny   崔一峰
财       务:Henry    梁冠和 
秘       书:Dennis   徐千翔 
理       事:Jack 曾鸣镝,Eddie 蓝文滨,Michael 赵明辉,Ken 袁意强,
Michael  高鹏