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Sun Yat-sen University and South China University of Technology Tennis Sydney Match 2022

Community sporting activities in Australia have picked up steam as the pandemic eases. Sydney South China University of Technology Alumni Tennis Team and Sun Yat-sen University Alumni Tennis Team will start from 8/7/2022!

On August 7, Sun Yat-sen University and South China University of Technology Australian tennis team played three rounds of 15 sets and 120 innings at Caber Park Tennis Court (Winston Hills). The whole event lasted for four hours. Everyone enjoyed the fun of tennis under the blue sky and white clouds while tasting the food.

The alumni/players participating in the two schools are:

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恒大淘宝俱乐部vsSydney FC亚冠赛3月2号球迷报名已经圆满结束

The application of watching Evergrande VS Sydney FC on 2nd March has accomplished successfully!

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  1. All applicants should obey the rules and wait for the tickets and shirts.
  2. Wearing the shirts and we have the right to withdraw the shirt if anyone does not wear it.
  3. Do not bring any item that is prohibited and do not bring any commercial advertisements.
  4. No casual cheer. The team leader of ACSSC will organize the applaud and singing.

We hope you will enjoy a wonderful soccer night!

Following the orders from the Evergrande, this activity will be similar with previous ones. We ACSSC will organize this activity fairly and effectively. To consider the fans group and student groups from Guangzhou, ACSSC will arrange the allocation reasonably to achieve the best live effect.

The application will start in the ACSSC wechat. The application will start by the name of the wechat. On the game day, applicants use their wechat as the entrance tickets. No repeat application, else will be cancelled.

 The number of ticket is limited, so we will approve applicants in batches and will end the process after all tickets have been allocated. We will provide the shirts, but it will depend on the situation on that day. Not everyone will get the shirt. Those who get the shirt must wear it. This is the meaning of the shirt to Evergrande fans. All successful applicants are required to carry ID (Passport, driving licence or wechat) and gather together at the square in front of the Moore Part Court on 2nd March. ACSSC will allocate tickets on 6 o’clock and finish before 07:15.
Below is the wechat group of ACSSC. You can apply now. If you have already applied in our group, you will not be able to apply in other groups, else your application will be cancelled. Each wechat can only apply for two tickets.