ACSC Australia-China Sports Federation team to participate in the 2022 Arabic Cup

On November 6, 2022, the weather was sunny and sunny, and the ACSC Australia-China Sports Federation team participated in the 2022 Arabian Cup.

There are two group preliminaries in which eight national teams participate. We won one (1:0 win against Egypt) and two losses (0:4 against Qatar, 0:1 against Iran) and missed the finals. But we showed a very good sportsmanship. It has been well received by other participating teams and mainboard units.

Starting lineup

Group photo before the game

Michael Deng Shanmin - Chairman of the Australian Chinese Sports Federation was interviewed by the organizers between the ball games. It is intended to jointly promote the joint efforts of community sports.

Thank you to all the players and staff who participated in this tournament. Special thanks to Henry Liang Guan and the directors of our Sports Association for their hard work.