Celebrating 2021 CNY with Aussie leading society media CulturalPulse

2021 Chinese Lunar New Year, Chairman of ACSC Mr. Michael邓善民 talked to leading community media CulturalPulse.

For Michael Deng, Chairman of Australian Chinese Sports Club, Sydney, the holiday was a very important time for the preservation of family and culture:

“As a young child it’s always exciting to meet with your grandparents and family members. These memories remain with you as you grow older. The reunion dinner is where family stories are shared and passed down generation to generation.”

Chinese New Year 2 Gift Giving


For Michael Deng, Chairman of Australian Chinese Sports Club, giving and receiving money is part of the family traditions and bonding with family:

“As a young child, it was always an honour to receive a red packet from older family members usually your grandparent’s, your parents and older relatives. It was always exciting to receive it from them and it naturally placed a value on that money. And it depends on who is giving the red packet. It could be a small amount or large amount.” 

“As you grow older you then pass that tradition onto the younger family members.” He adds.

For Michael Deng, Chairman of Australian Chinese Sports Club, Sydney, lion dancing is an importance element of the Chinese and Lunar New Year traditions:
“I usually spend time with my family and relatives but if I am in Chinatown in Sydney and see the lion dance which is always entertaining to watch then I will pass on a red packet with some money to show my appreciation and to symbolise luck and good fortune.
Lunar New Year Part 3 Food 1

For Michael Deng, Chairman of Australian Chinese Sports Club, Sydney, food is especially important when it comes to maintaining Chinese traditions:

“Traditionally, in China, seafood was quite expensive so serving this indicated the families wealth and prosperity. In modern times seafood is readily available but we have a greater variety to choose from. Mud crabs are popular, barramundi, rainbow trout and lobsters are highly valued foods on the table.”

“The younger generation prefer chicken and beef. Traditionally the Southern Chinese dishes are of the steamed variety cooked with garlic and ginger and or soya chicken with the more popular crispy chicken dishes. Roast duck is also popular.” He adds.

CulturalPulse also talked to Michael Deng earlier in the 2020 World Cup Soccer Qualifier games about the Chinese Women team. 

澳洲華人體育總會(ACSC)的鄧會長(Michael Deng)為「鏗鏘玫瑰」的表現深感自豪。「我們的女足表現非常出色,整個華人社區都為她們感到自豪。我們知道她們經歷了什麼,我們將在週四晚與澳洲女足的比賽上全力支持她們。

China women's football sydney