South China University of Technology and UNSW Chinese tennis team Sydney friendly match


The Australian Tennis Team of South China University of Technology and the Chinese Tennis Team of the University of New South Wales successfully held a friendly match today at Pennant Hills Park. 11/9/2022 was a particularly fine sunny Sunday in Sydney's rainy weather. The wind is warm and sunny, refreshing and pleasant. Everyone bathed in the warm sunshine and fully enjoyed the fun of sports. It's a lot of fun to exchange conversations with strangers or familiar players. Everyone played from noon to the evening, and the six courts played at the same time, which was very lively.

The team members from UNSW are PeggyZou, Pam, YingLi, Jack C, Boris, Lao Xu, Jim L, Colin, Frank Chen, Yong Zhong, Rocky, Yuki.

South China University of Technology team members include MichaelDeng, DannyChen, HelenZhu, VivienneQi, PollyGai, DavidLu, Tim, Jiang Yuanwei, Huang Zhijia, TommyLai, BelindaPan, KenWu, CarmenChen.

Tennis players from both schools enjoyed a very happy day. The match included singles, doubles and mixed doubles in five rounds, 28 sets and 224 innings. A good test of both physical fitness and tennis skills. Achieved the ultimate goal of making friends with the ball.


A sumptuous dinner and karaoke after the game 😎The alumni who can play and sing are amazing!


Thanks to UNSW Tennis Captain Peggy Zou and colleagues for their great assistance and hard work in making tennis alumni from our two universities a very enjoyable gathering!

Finally, we especially thank Chen Suhong from South China University of Technology for scoring and taking pictures for us throughout the process. Very thoughtful and meticulous!
We look forward to more opportunities for alumni of the two schools to exchange activities.